Birdsy Live Cam

Birdsy Cam 1


Watch LIVE and see which birds visit our Shropshire HQ

Get up close and personal with nature's feathered friends. Watch the birds as they tuck into some delicious CJ Wildlife treats on our feeders from the comfort of your chair.

Watch as the goldfinch come find their supper, or maybe you'll spot a blackbird bobbing around on the floor picking up fallen seeds. Our rural countryside location is a prime spot for pheasants too, so keep your eyes peeled, you never know what is lurking in the background!


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Bird Bingo

Bird Bingo!

Get up close and personal with the feathered friends of Shropshire with our innovative Birdsy cam! From great tits, to goldfinches ... and even the cheeky squirrel, we get lots of visitors to our farm. What can you spot? Play along at home and see if you can spot them all on our cams!


What is Birdsy?

Birdsy offers state of the art AI footage, the camera not only records footage of each visitor which passes, it also can identify it and let you know exactly what bird it is - amazing!

We love our Birdy camera's, they have allowed us to find out even more about the range of birds we see here at CJ's HQ.

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