Bird Package Lagos Gift Package

Bird Package Lagos Gift Package
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This gift package is suitable for every bird lover. Besides being able to provide shelter for various birds during the winter and breeding season with this stylish nest box, you can feed them all year round with the peanuts and attached peanut feeder.

The Lagos nest box with an entry opening of 34 mm has been specially developed for a common garden bird, namely the house sparrow. This nest box can also be used by tits, nuthatches and pied flycatchers. The wood of this nest box has the FSC wood quality mark.

The package contains high quality soft oil rich peanuts. Not only blue tits, great tits and greenfinch, but also woodpeckers, sparrows, siskins and nuthatches love this nutritious food. You can put the peanuts in the enclosed cream-colored peanut feeder. It is always important to offer peanuts in a peanut feeder. For example, birds can only eat pieces of peanuts, which is safer than whole peanuts, especially for young birds. These peanuts are recommended by the Bird Protection.

This package contains:

  • Lagos Nest box
  • Hios peanut feedercream
  • CJ wildlife Peanuts 2.5 kg