Bird Foods

The CJ Wildlife range of bird foods have been created by our very own researchers and ornithologists, so you can be sure you are doing the very best for your garden birds when you buy our food. We are proud to maintain rigorous standards when sourcing our ingredients because we firmly believe that starting with the finest quality raw materials will result in top class foods which offer your birds the best nutrition.
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  1. Premium Kibbled Sunflower Hearts

    from €4.75

  2. Premium Whole Sunflower Hearts

    from €3.75

  3. Black Sunflowers

    from €2.75

  4. Nyjer Seed

    from €5.00

  5. Hi-Energy No Mess

    from €4.75

  6. Organic Wild Bird Blend (2.5kg)
    €14.99 As low as €12.99
  7. Gourmet Small Bird Mix

    from €12.50

  8. Hi-Energy Supreme

    from €6.00

  9. Hi Energy Seed

    from €9.50

  10. Feeder Seed

    from €3.50

  11. Feeder Seed Plus

    from €11.25

  12. Vitality Mix

    from €12.50

  13. Husk-Free Seed Mix

    from €9.75

  14. Mini Suet Pellet with Berries (500g)
    €4.99 As low as €4.49