Twist & Feed

The name says it all! Simply twist off the lid and the contents is ready for your birds to eat and enjoy. These jars are filled here on our farm with energy-rich ingredients guaranteed to be popular with all Wild Garden Birds. The jar is filled with high calorie tasty treats and topped up with nutritious fat and work perfectly with our Specialist Feeders or Feed Starter Pack.

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  1. Twist & Feed Taster Pack
  2. Twist & Feed - Mealworm Morsels
    €2.79 As low as €2.49
  3. Twist & Feed - Sunflower Seed Mix
    €2.79 As low as €2.49
  4. Twist & Feed - Sunflower Hearts
    €2.79 As low as €2.49
  5. Twist & Feed - Protein & Fruit Sprinkles
    €2.79 As low as €2.49
  6. Twist & Feed Starter Pack
    Out of stock