Straight Foods

From high-energy Sunflower Hearts to sultanas, this range of nutritious foods will meet all your feeding requirements, helping you to attract and care for a wide range of wildlife. Once you have discovered which of these foods are most popular in your garden, you may wish to create your own food mixes. Please note: It is best to soak sultanas in water before offering them to the birds during periods of dry weather.
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  1. Premium Whole Sunflower Hearts

    from €3.75

  2. Premium Kibbled Peanuts

    from €9.00

  3. Premium Whole Peanuts

    from €4.25

  4. Premium Kibbled Sunflower Hearts

    from €4.75

  5. Black Sunflowers

    from €2.75

  6. Nyjer Seed

    from €4.50

  7. Sultanas

    from €8.75

  8. Oystershell Grit

    from €2.50

  9. Naked Rolled Oats

    from €7.50

  10. Pinhead Oats

    from €6.25