Seed Mixes

We ensure every recipe and ingredient used to create our unique range of seed mixes will not only keep birds flocking back to your garden for more, but that every mouthful will be nutritious. Our best selling Hi-Energy No Mess Seed Mix is a firm favourite as well as our Table Bird Seed Mix. All perfectly matched with our range of Bird Feeders.

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  1. Hi-Energy No Mess

    from €5.49

  2. Table Bird Seed Mix Plus

    from €8.75

  3. Hi Energy Seed

    from €9.50

  4. Hi-Energy Ground Blend

    from €13.75

  5. Feeder Seed

    from €3.50

  6. Duck and Swan Food

    from €6.50

  7. Muesli with Mealworms (2.5kg)
    €8.50 As low as €7.00
  8. Table Seed

    from €3.59

  9. Gourmet Small Bird Mix

    from €12.50

  10. Organic Wild Bird Blend (2.5kg)
    €14.99 As low as €12.99
  11. Robin Blend

    from €6.25

  12. Feeder Seed Plus

    from €11.25

  13. Hi-Energy Supreme

    from €6.00

  14. Vitality Mix

    from €12.50

  15. Husk-Free Seed Mix

    from €9.75

  16. Mixed Corn

    from €5.00