Bird Food Package

Bird Food Package
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With this gift package you are guaranteed to attract various birds because of the various products that this bird package contains. Not only blue tits, great tits and greenfinch, but also woodpeckers, sparrows and siskins love this nutritious food.

The package contains fat blocks that are packed with essential fats and necessary calories, according to our patented recipe. You can place the fat blocks in the fat block holder designated there. In addition, the package contains oil-rich peanuts that can be fed all year round. It is important to always offer peanuts in a peanut feeder. For example, birds can only eat pieces of peanuts, which is safer than whole peanuts, especially for young birds. 

This gift package contains the products:

  • CJ Wildlife Hios - Green Peanut feeder
  • Fat block holder Odense 
  • CJ Peanuts 1 kg
  • Peanut cake original (2 pieces)