Window Feeders

Window feeders are a great way to observe your garden birds up close. Choose from a Window Seed Feeder or a Bird Table that can stick to the window, depending on the type of bird you want to attract. Window feeders are also a good way to introduce Children to bird feeding. A close encounter in the early years can stimulate an interest in the natural world and the window creates a safe divide between excited children and nervous birds.

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  1. Discovery Plastic Window Seed Feeder
    €5.99 As low as €5.49
  2. Bordeaux Window Feeder
  3. SingingFriend Window Feeder Anna - 100% Recycled
  4. Michigan Window Feeding House
  5. The Rhodes Window Feeder
  6. Birdswing Restaurant
  7. Crete Window Feeder
    Out of stock
  8. Window "BirdSwing"
    Out of stock
  9. BirdSwing Vide XL Bird Table
    €7.99 As low as €6.99
    Out of stock