Binoculars Swarovski Pure 10x42

Binoculars Swarovski Pure 10x42
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Unmatched optics and groundbreaking design meet in this first-class binoculars. NL Pure from SWAROVSKI OPTIK makes the study of animals an even better experience. This is mainly due to the fact that the fine optics have been combined with an incredibly compact and easy-to-handle binocular body. The best materials and an excellent workmanship guarantee that this binoculars will last for a very long time. The accessories for NL Pure are also developed for durability. The bag with a completely new design, the cleaning set and the packaging are made exclusively from recycled and natural materials.

The first-class precision instruments from SWAROVSKI OPTIK enhance our nature experiences and increase the understanding and respect for animals and nature. A look at the new binoculars NL Pure gaze, shows what a technical masterpiece it is. The unusually large field of view of up to 71 ° and the almost imperceptible edge allow you to experience nature like never before.

Both the optics and the binocular body are exceptionally compact, which means that NL Pure fits perfectly in the hand. Thanks to an oval recess between the thumb and forefinger, the binoculars are firmly in your natural grip. The new forehead support provides perfect comfort even with prolonged use and prevents the image from shaking. The headrest is available for purchase as an accessory.

Sharp contours and contrast-rich image with unusually fine color reproduction - SWAROVISION technology's innovative development work has enabled this astonishing image quality down to the smallest detail and hue

The binoculars from SWAROVSKI OPTIK are reliable and durable and have a very long service life. This means that their environmental impact is very small. The company strives in everyone to make sure that they think about sustainability. An emphasis has been on the accessories for NL Pure. The binocular bag consists of 100% recycled PET bottles. A brand new set for cleaning the binocular rubber is included. It consists of a wooden brush and a biodegradable soap of coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter (no palm oils) and without color or fragrance additives. The soap is made in Austria and the brush in Germany. The packaging is climate neutral and made of durable and recyclable materials. Swarovski also provides support for Climate Partner projects for each package sold.

Magnification: 10x
lens diameter : 42 mm Exit pupil 4.2 mm
Eye distance: 18 mm
Field of view of 1000 m: 133 m
Field of view: 7.6 °
Field of view for spectacle wearers: 7.6 °
Field of view (experienced): 70 °
Close range: 2.0 m
Diopter equalization: ± 4 diopters
Diopter correction: 5 diopters
Light transmission: 91%
Pupil distance: 56-74 mm
ISO range: 14132-1 20.5

Length approx. 158 mm
Width approx. 131 mm
Height approx. 71 mm
Weight approx. 850 g
Waterproof to 4 m depth (noble gas filling)

Field of View at 1000m