Bees and Butterfly Bulbs

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Bees and Butterfly Bulbs - 15 Pack
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Bees and Butterfly Bulbs - 35 Pack
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Bees and Butterfly Bulbs - 100 Pack
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  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Ireland's Leading Wildlife Care Specialists
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across Ireland and Europe

We have put together this bulb mix especially for bees and butterflies.

The mix consists of 5 or 6 different varieties. Together they ensure that you can enjoy the bloom and the beautiful colors of these flower bulbs all spring.

Plant them in Autumn and enjoy the beautiful blooms in the spring. These spring bloomers have been grown with a lot of love, time and attention. 

Organic cultivation is free of chemicals and fertilizers. Better for people and animals, better for the world. 

A mix of: anemone, crocus, chionodoxa, muscari, allium neapolitanum, tulip clusiana

Flowering Months
Mar., Apr., May
Planting Months
Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

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