Beaumaris WoodStone Bat Boxes

Beaumaris WoodStone Bat Boxes
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Beaumaris WoodStone Bat Box Midi 91020
Beaumaris WoodStone Bat Box Maxi 91021
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The Beaumaris Bat Box is made from 100% WoodStone and is available in two sizes. WoodStone is very durable so this product has a lifetime warranty.

  • Midi Size: Height 40 cm  x  Width 28 cm  x  Depth 6.5 cm

  • Maxi Size: Height 50 cm  x  Width 38 cm  x  Depth 6.5 cm

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The attractive design is suitable for crevice roosting bats and has a rough interior to provide lots of grip.  Bats need to increase their body temperature before flight so prefer warm roosting spots, which is why many of our bat boxes have a black exterior to absorb heat from the sun.  WoodStone isn’t just strong, it also has good thermal insulation, reducing temperature fluctuations inside the box and helping to make this an ideal roost site.

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