Aura Peanut Feeder Guardian Pack

Aura Peanut Feeder Guardian Pack
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The Aura Peanut Feeder Guardian Pack consists of a peanut feeder and a matching protective cage. The feeder is based on our popular Apollo with its convenient Click & Go system that allows you to clean the feeder in an instant, without the need to undo screws. The protective cage is also very easy to strip down and clean.

These metal feeders will ensure smaller birds feed in peace without being driven away by larger, more often aggressive species of birds and also restrict access to squirrels.

Twist the feeder cap anti-clockwise until it releases, then undo the screw that holds the base of the cage in position. Remove the base and the large metal plate that rests on top of it. This creates a large opening through which the feeder can be removed, base first. 

This feeder can be hung, or pole mounted using one of our Pole Plugs and Garden Poles

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