Apollo Peanut Feeder Pack

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Squirrel Defence Rating - Green
Apollo Peanut Feeder Pack
SKU: 98484
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Product contains an Apollo Peanut Feeder and 1kg of Premium Whole Peanuts.

This peanut feeder will help to make bird feeding even easier. The base and lid are easily removed with our unique 'Click & Go' release system which allows you to dismantle, clean, reassemble and fill your feeder without the use of tools.

Peanuts are a traditional food and popular with a wide variety of species. They are high in essential protein and oil. This feeder allows you to feed peanuts safely to your garden birds year-round.

The feeder has a screw thread in the base making it compatible with many of our feeder accessories (excluding guardians) including feeder trays, which are great for collecting any waste material from the feeder as well as acting as an additional feeding and perching area for your garden birds.

Powder-Coated Metal
Protection from Squirrels
Resilient to squirrel damage but still allows them to access the food

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