Apollo Range

Apollo Range

Our most popular bird feeder

There's a reason why this is our most popular bird feeder range, by customers and by the birds.  

  1. It's easy 'click and fill' system allows you to dismantle your feeder in under 10 seconds - bird feeding has never been easier
  2. The perch rings are shaped and fitted to allow birds to sit in their natural positions when feeding, something you don't see as often with conventional bird feeders
  3. With vents at either end, this stops condenstation forming on the inside of the feeder, making it safer for birds to feed from
  4. It's versatile. Available in a range of sizes, the apollo range can be made squirrel-proof, pole-mounted or hung!

Our Apollo Range


Live at the Apollo.

See the Apollo in action by tuning into our live webcams at Shropshire HQ.

Apollo Add-ons


Hi-Energy No Mess

The perfect pairing

Our innovative hi-energy no mess is the perfect pairing with the Apollo range. Packed with quality ingredients to give birds energy, and created to ensure no weeds grow from wasted seeds, this is the bird food staple.

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Bird feeding

Where do I put my feeder?

We can help with that. Follow our easy bird feeding guide to get you started.

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Bird food

What kind of bird food do I need?

Check out our bird fact files to find out what type of food they'll eat.

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Apollo Feeder Food
Hi-Energy No Mess Bird Seed Mix (2.5kg)