About Our Foods

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CJs have long been associated with providing the very best when it comes to bird food...

We are proud to maintain rigorous standards when sourcing our ingredients because we firmly believe that starting with the finest quality raw materials will result in top class foods which offer your birds the best nutrition.

We have long been associated with creating and providing the very best bird food. Having been the first company to introduce high energy foods, no mess foods, kibbled peanuts, black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, nyjer seed and specialist wildlife foods for hedgehogs, badgers and squirrels to the bird feeding market, we have decades of experience and know what we're looking for when it comes to developing foods that will be of benefit to - and loved by - your garden birds!

Our on-site production and distribution facilities accommodate our fat processing plant where we make our own highly nutritious peanut cakes and peanut butter. Also located here is our sunflower processing plant where we clean and prepare black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts and kibbled sunflowers ready to be added to our seed mixes and packaged onsite to send directly to our customers. 

Please Note: to the best of our knowledge our foods do not contain genetically modified ingredients. Although of premium quality, our food is not for human consumption.

Which food do I choose for my garden birds?

We aim to help you select the right choice for you and your garden visitors. Different species like different foods so, as a rule of thumb, the more varieties of food you put out the greater the number of species you will attract. Did you know, for example, that Robins love dried mealworms, Goldfinches adore Nyjer Seed and Blue Tits have a passion for Sunflower Hearts?

Generally, birds will go for the food that offers them the best source of energy, so the higher the calories the better as far as birds are concerned. Which is why we clearly mark our foods with the calorie content (shown per 100g). Select from over twenty foods to entice the birds and bring your garden to life.

Multi-buy savings

If you order regularly buying in bulk really does save you money. For example, if you buy 20kg of Hi-Energy No Mess rather than 10kg you will make a saving of 42p per kilo and our 500ml Peanut Cakes are 17% cheaper when you buy 3 or more and a massive 28% cheaper when you buy 10 or more!

Most of our foods have multi-buy prices.

If stored in a cool dry place you can be confident that our wildlife foods have a shelf life of up to 6 months so you don’t need to worry about food going off.

Calorific Values

By feeding our foods you will be helping to provide the birds with a nutritious diet, vital for their survival. Our research has shown that many other bird foods available are not sufficiently high in energy, oils or protein and are a poor substitute to the birds' natural food supply.

Selecting the right Ingredients

We are proud of our rigorous standards when sourcing our ingredients. By starting with the highest quality raw materials, with high oil content, we know we're offering the best nutrition for your birds.

Dried Fruits - Pet Advice

Take extra care not to allow dogs or cats to eat any products containing sultanas (or raisins) as even in small amounts, these can cause serious renal problems.

Not suitable for dog/cat owners

Look out for this symbol which indicates which foods contain dried fruits.

Reducing our impact on the environment

To reduce the transport mileage of our foods we use locally-sourced products wherever practical. The balance of our black sunflower seeds and, therefore, all our sunflower hearts, are grown within mainland Europe. The wheat we use is usually sourced from farms local to our site.

Unless otherwise stated, food is not supplied with a feeder.