500ml Peanut Cake Tube Variety Pack

500ml Peanut Cake Tube Variety Pack
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Birds have a very high need for energy-rich food. Our peanut cakes are among the most calorie-dense products. The original variant is made from vegetable and natural fats, combined with peanut flour. Seeds and insects have been added to the other flavors.

This variety pack contains 3 popular flavors, namely: peanut cake with seeds, peanut cake with insects and the original. You will receive 4 pieces of each, so a total of 12 pieces at an attractive discount price.

The peanut cakes are popular with tits, finches, woodpeckers, nuthatches, treecreepers, golden cocks and robins. Hang them in a peanut cake holder that you attach to a feeding pole or tree branch. You can also offer them in a peanut cake house that you can hang on a wall or tree trunk. Enjoy the birds that flock to this tasty delicacy.

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