3 Port Apollo With Guardian Pack

3 Port Apollo With Guardian Pack
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This new and exclusive seed feeder helps to make bird feeding even easier. The base, lid and ports are easily removed with our unique ‘Click & Go’ release system which allows you to dismantle the feeder in just 10 seconds! Straight forward to reassemble and fill your feeder without the use of tools. The unique ventilation system in the lid prevents condensation in the tube, helping to keep food fresh for longer.

The 3 perching rings allow birds to feed in their natural feeding position (facing forwards) and gives birds a clear view of the surrounding area to watch for predators. The off-set spacing of the ports provides each bird with a clear feeding area which results in more hygienic feeding.

If your smaller birds such as robins and blue tits are being chased away by uninvited guests it becomes less enjoyable to bird watch, so we have a solution in our Guardian Cages.

The Apollo Guardian Cage for 3 port seed feeder has been designed as the name suggests to fit our 3 port Apollo Seed Feeder. It is easy to install thanks to the handy click & go system of the Apollo feeder.

The cage is made of high-quality material and finished with a durable powder coating. The openings between the bars ensure that small birds can quietly eat from the feeder but prevent larger birds and squirrels from pilfering the food. Now you have the choice to use a Guardian or not depending on which birds visit your garden.

Pack Contains Feeder and Guardian. Pole and food can be ordered seperatly