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Bird Foods

Treat your birds to their favourite foods

We’ve been creating top quality bird food for over 30 years, so we know exactly what our feathered friends enjoy! To entice a range of species to take up your offer of hospitality, serve up a selection of our high quality, calorie-rich delicious foods in their preferred feeder styles. With a consistent supply of their favourites, garden birds often become quite tame, returning regularly, while others may become residents for a lifetime!

Garden Wildlife

Let’s Give Them a Helping Hand

With our expertise in biodiverse wildlife, we know that small changes can make a big difference. To help you build a wildlife-friendly garden, we’ve handpicked a selection of products so you can create inviting new habitats. Let’s all play our part in helping our wonderful wildlife. We’ll show you how!

Bird Feeders

Enjoy Feeding Our Feathered Friends

Bird feeding is a delightful experience for all and can be so easy to do. We’ve developed a range of innovative feeders tailored specifically for the species of bird you wish to attract to your garden. So, here’s how to select the most suitable feeder for your garden space and favourite feathery visitors!


Our Favourite Products

Nest Boxes

Nest Boxes

Your garden is the perfect spot to place a nest box. Your visiting birds will come to know your garden as a safe, reliable area for food and shelter, making it an ideal patch to raise a family. As green spaces continue to disappear due to development, many natural nesting sites are being lost, so by adding a nest box you’ll know that you’ll be benefiting many new generations of birds to come. It’s also a fun way for us to re-connect with nature!

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Which side of a Robin has the most feathers?
Which side of a Robin has the most feathers?
(the outside)


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Spider Catcher - Bug Away Insect Remover

Whether you're an arachnophobe or an arachno'friend,' spiders are an essential part of the ecosystem. The Spider Catcher Bug Away will help you easily catch any butterflies, moths, flies or spiders which visit you indoors. The innovative design has an extended handle so you can reach ceilings and corners at arm’s length. Simply remove to the outdoors and release without harm!

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This season’s handbook is packed with helpful tips and advice, alongside our exciting new range of garden bird and wildlife care products designed to help you to attract more wildlife to your garden!